Friday, September 30, 2016

Our Family

I was going to start a blog for our family, and turns out we already have one! Ha!

Let me start with our family: 

My name is Rachael. I have a degree in K-6 education and K-12 special education. I'm certified up through 8th grade in the regular education classroom. I taught for one year and took a year off before having our son.

At heart, I am a home maker. I am interested in homeschooling, making routines that best fit our family, being a mommy, teaching my son to love God and love people, and making our home a peaceful place that we enjoy and makes other people feel welcome.

I love to learn through good books and podcasts, drink all the coffee, disciple others, spend time with friends, and enjoy my little family.

This is my precious husband Andrew. While he might want to post every once in awhile about hiking, camping, or any of his other interests, it'll primarily be me posting.

Andrew has a degree in computers. I promise it's a real degree, but for the life of me I can never remember the actual title. It's taken me four years to know what he does at his job, so it's only to be expected. ;)

We started dating in September 2008, so we just recently celebrated eight years of dating each other, and we don't plan on stopping any time soon. ;) We got married in June 2012 and we love it. Marriage is so much better than dating, y'all. Let me tell you.

In August of this year we welcomed home the most beautiful and precious baby boy, Lincoln. We are obsessed and unashamed.

He has been one of the greatest joys to have around. We went through a phase where we didn't even want to have children, but now I can't imagine not having him in our lives.

We also have three cats: Peanut (the fat one), Leo (the fluffy orange one), and Oliver (the tiny kitten). We are also pretty obsessed with them.

Our favorite things to do (and subsequently what you will find on this blog) are be outside, share our personal interests, have fun together, and share our love for the Lord and what He's currently teaching us.

I probably won't post a lot, but I wanted to have a space I could share our adventures and what I'm passionate about. Welcome to the blog, and I hope it brings some happiness to your day. :) God bless!

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